Certificate course in Coaching skill training course

Certificate course in Coaching skill training course

  • Understand the role of coaching, its boundaries and how it can enhance your life.
  • Acquire new skills and strategies to self-coach and improve every area of your life.
  • Utilize coaching to improve your skills as a leader and manager, to help yourself and others reach ultimate peak performance.
  • Enhance your communication, language skills and confidence using NLP and various performance coaching methods.
  • Be able to confidently support individuals and groups in developing and implementing strategies to achieve their objectives based around their roles.
  • Acquaint yourself with the skills, process, and tools to set strategies and scripts for you to use and adapt.
Introduction to coaching  Need analysis Introduction to NLP
Coaching Process  Differences between Coaching, Counselling, Therapy ,NLP Types of Coaching 
Coaching strategies Application of strategies Styles and Models of Coaching 
Tools in Coaching  Skills to practice Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Duration – 20 days
  • Time  – as per scheduled between 8am to 2 pm (IST)

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Assessment – Quiz, assignment, projects, Practical implementation.