Soft skill Training

Soft skill training is Train The Trainer Certification course

  • Develop a prosperous career in training and facilitation.
  • Apply the concepts of adult learning in training with success.
  • Effectively  interact  and instruct trainees with varying learning and personality types.
  •  Give trainees and organisations a positive experience.
  •  Participate in various training scenarios as a qualified trainer.
  •  Incorporate group dynamics management into corporate and training environments.
  •  Review educational initiatives.

 1)How to begin a Training Session?

 2)Experiential Learning Cycle.

 3) Communication Skills.

 4)Groups and its dynamics. 

 5)Designing a Training Session.

 6) Choosing Instructional  Activities.

 7)Choose games ,assessment tools.

8) Conflict Resolution and emotional intelligence. 

9)Creativity and problem solving.


5 days – 10 days